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Jama Connect User Guide




What is my tenant name?

Your tenant name is the text you entered as the database name from the Config tab in the KOTS Admin Console.


How can I find the name of a node?

Run this command, then check the Name column:

kubectl get nodes -o wide

How do I shut down my cluster?

Ideally, your cluster is always up and running. If all nodes require maintenance, shut down and perform maintenance on one node at a time. The KOTS installer deploys EKCO, which is a utility tool to perform maintenance operations on the cluster.

Run this command to prepare the node for a reboot:

sudo /opt/ekco/

When the process is finished, shut down the node.

Does Jama Connect support NFS?

If running Jama Connect in AWS, you can configure the application to save your tenant assets in EFS, or configure KOTS to save Replicated Snapshots to an NFS server.