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Jama Connect User Guide

Retrieve Jama Connect images (traditional airgap)

Before you can install the software in an airgap environment, you must download the Jama Connect images to a desktop system, then transfer them to the /data/install directory on your airgap application server.


Because the download might take a long time, do this on a different day than when you install the software.

  1. Open the Welcome email from Jama Connect to access the URL and password for the airgap-safe portal.

  2. In a supported browser, enter the URL and the password.

    You see a list of available releases since your license was issued, along with a download link and a checksum for each.

  3. Find the version you want to install and select Get Download Link to generate a new temporary download link.


  4. Click Download to download the files directly to your desktop system.

  5. Move the downloaded airgap files to this directory on your application server: