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Jama Connect User Guide

Install Jama Connect (traditional internet)

An installation wizard walks you through the process of uploading the license file, installing Jama Connect, and configuring Replicated settings for the Admin Console.

  • To start the wizard, you use the URL that was generated when you installed the Admin Console.

  • Make sure that you have the license file that was included in the Welcome email you received from Jama Software.

To install Jama Connect:

  1. Open the Welcome email and download the attached license file to your local system.

  2. In a supported browser, enter the URL for the Admin Console.

  3. Enter your hostname.

  4. Select the appropriate option:

    • Have key/certificate — Select Choose file under Private key and Certificate, navigate to the files, then click Upload & Continue.

    • No key/certificate — Click Self-Signed Cert.

  5. Click Choose license to upload your license file.

  6. Enter and confirm a password for access to the Admin Console, then click Continue.

    The system performs the preflight checks.

  7. When the preflight checks are complete, click Continue to open the Settings page for the Admin Console.

  8. Configure the settings for each group, as needed. Scroll down to see each group of settings.

    Database Settings — Use the information from Preparing your database server.

    • MySQL

    • Microsoft SQL Server

    • TLS Key & Cert — (Optional) If you have the key and certificate, click Choose file to select them.

  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. You see a confirmation that your settings were saved.

  10. Click Restart now.

    The system restarts and opens the Admin Console.

  11. Log in to Jama Connect as root.


Your installation of Jama Connect is complete.