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Jama Connect User Guide

Install Replicated Admin Console (traditional internet)

The Admin Console (Replicated) is the interface where you can configure, update, and manage Jama Connect. To install the latest supported version of Replicated and Docker, you use the Replicated installation script.

Important considerations

  • During installation, the application server must have access to the internet, including the Replicated listed domains.

  • The Admin Console isn't compatible with Internet Explorer.

  • If you receive a warning that Docker is using the devicemapper storage driver, cancel the installation and configure Docker to use the overlay2 storage driver.

  • The Jama Connect Release Notes include the unique cURL command for your version of Jama Connect.

  • The Community supported software article specifies which versions were used during regression testing of the version of Jama Connect you want to install.

To install the Admin Console:

  1. Connect to the command shell of the application server using SSH.

  2. As root user or a user with sudo bash privileges, download and install the Admin Console using one of these methods to download and install the Admin Console:

    • cURL command from the Release Notes

    • cUrl command for a specific version, where you replace <REPLICATED_VERSION> with the version number recommended in the Release Notes

      curl -sSL "<REPLICATED_VERSION>"| sudo bash -s no-auto


      Include the no-auto option so that the installation doesn't time out for the prompts. Otherwise, the prompts are displayed for only 20 seconds. If you miss the step to choose an IP address, the URL that’s displayed isn’t valid and you must rerun the cURL command and select an IP address.

      If the cURL command displays an error message, the Admin Console must be installed manually.

  3. Respond to each installation prompt, after which you can leave the installation unattended as it continues.

    Please choose one of the following network interfaces:
    [0] eth0
    [1] eth1
    [2] docker0
    Enter desired number (0-2):
    1. Enter the number (0–2) of the network used to access Jama Connect (your DNS entry also routes to this network).

       Does this machine require a proxy to access the Internet?
    2. If using a proxy, enter Y and input the proxy information. When prompted, enter Y for the installer to configure the proxy.

    3. When prompted for a service IP address, leave it blank and press Enter.

    When the installation is complete, you see this message with the URL you need to access the Admin Console:

    ==> default: To continue the installation,
    visit the following URL in your browser:
  4. Copy the URL to use when you configure Replicated settings.

  5. In the /data directory:

    1. Create a custom folder for Replicated snapshots.

    2. Change the folder’s ownership to the Replicated user:

      mkdir -p /data/replicated/{snapshots,statsd,support-bundle}
      chown -R replicated /data/replicated

      After ownership is changed, the permissions look something like this:

      # ll /data/replicated/
      total 20
      drwxr-xr-x 5 replicated root 4096 Oct 21 21:27 ./
      drwxrwxrwx 10 root root 4096 Nov 7 18:48 ../
      drwxr-xr-x 5 replicated root 4096 Oct 21 21:29 snapshots/
      drwxr-xr-x 6 replicated docker 4096 Oct 21 22:11 statsd/
      drwxr-xr-x 2 replicated root 4096 Oct 21 21:27 support-bundle/

Later you can configure the Admin Console to store snapshots in the Replicated snapshots folder.