Jama Connect User Guide

Planning your installation

Before you install the Admin Console and Jama Connect, make sure you have the following.

All installations

  • The license file sent from Jama Software, a small file with the .rli file extension (included in the Welcome email)

  • An application server with the necessary preparation and requirements

  • A database server with the necessary preparation

  • Supported 64-bit Linux distribution with a kernel of:

    • 4.x or greater (recommended)

    • 3.10 (minimum)

  • Supported version of Docker

Airgap installations

If you are using the airgap method to install Jama Connect, you must have the following items.

  • URL to the airgap-safe portal (included in the Welcome email) for downloading the Jama Connect application file

  • A unique password (included in the Welcome email) to access the airgap-safe portal

  • PDF of this installation guide for the version of Jama Connect you are installing


If you lose the URL and password, contact support to generate new ones.


  • TLS certificate and private key to secure the Admin Console and Jama Connect application