Jama Connect User Guide

Database server requirements and resource sizing

The database must be hosted on a server separate from the Jama Connect application. This server can host other databases, but we don’t support other applications running on the same server as the database.

  • MySQL 5.7 and 8 (recommended)

  • Microsoft SQL 2016, 2017, and 2019

What is NOT supported

  • Azure database

  • MariaDB

  • Custom configurations of Jama Connect databases. Customizations such as query optimization and additional indexes that aren’t shipped with Jama Connect aren’t supported.

Resource sizing for database server

For optimal performance, we recommend that you estimate your server needs before you install Jama Connect.

The following table can help determine needed resources for your application server. Once you're up and running, you can monitor usage and adjust your settings as needed.

Database server





Active items in system


\le2 million

2–4 million

4 million+

Active projects





Concurrent users





CPU cores




Contact Support

Total systems of RAM

16 GB

32 GB

64 GB

Contact Support

If your usage approaches the Enterprise threshold, contact support for customized recommendations and advanced, multi-server setup.

Important considerations

  • Total system RAM for your database server can vary if you're using memory intensive workflows such as reuse, exporting, move items, integrations, and batch updates. Database sizing is based on your usage patterns and platform. You must have a minimum of 4–8 cores and 16–24 GB of memory. Consult with your database admin when determining database size.

  • The memory allocation allows for minimum headroom. If you need to run additional software for monitoring and analysis, consider the system requirements for that software. Configure dynamic memory settings as needed in the Admin Console. 

  • We recommend setting up dedicated volumes for the data your application writes. For information about setting up these volumes, see Preparing your application server, Example: Setting up dedicated volumes.