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Jama Connect User Guide

Run analysis on a requirements statement

When Jama Connect Advisor is enabled and configured by an organization admin, you can use it to analyze the quality of the text of a requirement text against industry-standard rules.

Jama Connect Advisor generates a report with the results.

Jama Connect Advisor behavior aligns with the fundamental INCOSE approach that requirements are authored using a single sentence structure. Jama Connect Advisor only analyzes the first sentence of a requirements statement.

To run analysis on a requirements statement:

  1. From the Jama Connect header, select Projects > Project.

  2. In the Explorer Tree, select a component or folder, select the requirement you want to analyze, then click Edit.

  3. Highlight text (up to 400 characters) in the Description field, then click Analyze.


    The initial assessment includes a quality rating and a quick analysis summary.

  4. Click View details, read the analysis report, then click Close.

  5. Implement the recommended changes:

    1. Click Dismiss.

    2. Edit the text in the Description field, following the recommendations from Jama Connect Advisor.

    3. Rerun Jama Connect Advisor on the same text, then read the results.

  6. Click Save & done.

The screen is refreshed, and your changes are saved.