Jama Connect User Guide

Upload an export template

Any user with read/write permissions can upload and export a custom template. You must be a project admin to upload and save a template to a project.


For self-hosted customers, an organization or system admin can upload templates in multiple projects.

  1. Save the template you want to upload to your desktop computer.

  2. Select Export > View all export options to open the Office Templates window.

    Office templates is the third option in the Export menu
  3. Click Upload a Template.

    Image of the "upload a template" button in the Office Templates window.
  4. Select Browse and select the template you want to upload.

  5. Enter a name and description for the report.

    To make the template name and description visible in your export, include these field tags:

    Report Name


    Report Description


    For a list of other available field tags you can include in your templates for the current project, download the Word Field Reference Guide.

  6. Under Share with, select how you want this export template to be available:

    • Project — Available to other users in this project only.

    • Organization — Available to users in any project. Export templates that are shared with the organization are visible in the left column of the Office Templates window with the label All Projects.

    The words "all projects" appear below the name of the template
  7. Click Save Report.