Jama Connect User Guide

Find reuse and synchronization

  • Organization administrator

    Only an organization administrator can configure reuse and synchronize.

  • Explorer Tree

    In the Explorer Tree, a blue dot in the bottom right-hand corner indicates that an item has been synchronized. 

  • List View

    Select an item in list view then select Actions > Reuse to open the Reuse item(s) window.

  • Project drop-down menu

    An organization or project administrator can select Project > Sync items to open the Sync items window, or Project >Manage all projects to duplicate (and optionally synchronize) projects.

  • Stream

    Reuse and/or synchronization of items will add activity entries to the stream for all items created or modified during the process.

  • Synced items window

    1. To view synchronized items, right-click any item in the Explorer Tree, then select View synced items.

    2. This opens the Synced items window. Here you can select any item or container on the left to see which other items have the same global ID.

  • Single Item View synced items bottom panel

    1. Open an item in Single Item View. On the right toolbar select the Synchronized items button.

    2. This opens the bottom panel to display all items that are currently synchronized with this item. From here you can connect items, synchronize items, break sync or compare details for items that are out of sync.