Jama Connect User Guide

Global ID

Global IDs are identifiers of items that are connected through synchronization. While every item has its own unique ID (which is also the project ID), two items that are synchronized can share a Global ID.

Items that share this ID are considered cloned artifacts, despite being located in different areas of Jama Connect, and possibly representing different versions of each other.

Global IDs have two parts:

  • Global ID prefix — The Global ID is the same across the organization. An organization administrator can change the Global ID prefix.

  • Global ID counter — The Global ID counter only grows and can't be reset or reduced. An organization administrator can change the starting point of the Global ID counter.  If a user tries to set the counter value below the Last Used Global ID Counter, Jama Connect shows an error message notifying the user to choose a greater value.

When items are connected for synchronization, they are assigned the same Global ID. When an item is removed from this group (through Break sync)  a new Global ID is assigned.