Jama Connect User Guide

Best practices and guardrails

Explorer Tree settings

To improve performance when your project has a large amount of items, you can set the Explorer Tree settings to only show folders an components.


Filters that run against all projects find and display results for all items in your Jama Connect application. Filters like these may return very large data sets and degrade performance. To assure quality performance, make filters more specific to return only the results you need.


When working with large amounts of items (more than 1,000 per folder), hide items in the Explorer Tree and work with them in List View in the center panel. To move multiple items, rather than multi-select in the Explorer Tree, multi-select in the List View and drag them to their new location in the Explorer Tree. 

Field content

Typically, item fields contain well under 10,000 characters (2000 words). When you compare review versions, the applications may skip fields with lengthy content. You will see this notice:


Reuse and/or synchronization of hundreds of items may affect system performance, causing it to feel slower than usual for users and decrease performance for other processes such as exporting.

Reuse and synchronization

If you try to reuse and/or synchronize a very large number of items, a warning will appear if it’s likely to impact performance. 

If you still want to do this, consider reusing items in smaller batches or starting a large reuse and synchronize process during off hours when there is less competition for resources.