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Jama Connect User Guide

Roles for review workflow

Your role determines which tasks you perform in a review.

Moderator — Create, manage, finalize, and close a review. Only moderators can comment on a review that has been Closed for feedback.

Approver — Provide feedback and approve or reject the item during the review.

Reviewer — Provide feedback.

Review Administrator — See and manage all reviews.


Responsibilities and actions


  • Initiate a review.

  • Add and manage review participants.

  • Modify a review.

  • Edit an item to incorporate feedback.

  • Close and reopen a review.

  • Publish a revised review.

  • Finalize a review.

  • Archive a review.

  • Delete a review.

  • Recover an archived review.

  • Transition items based on item workflow.

  • Remove items.


  • Contribute feedback.

  • Finish a review as a reviewer.


  • Contribute feedback.

  • Approve or reject review items.

  • Delegate approval.

  • Finish the review as an approver.

  • Add electronic signatures to a review.

Review administrator

  • View a list of all reviews.

  • Perform administration tasks for all reviews, whether or not they were invited to participate.

  • Archive and unarchive a review.

  • Recover a deleted review.

  • Configure review comments.


  • Find and view review items.

  • Compare versions.

  • Monitor progress.

  • Vote on items.

  • Subscribe to items on the page.

* Moderators and approvers can also perform all reviewer actions.