Jama Connect User Guide

Configure email notifications and subscriptions

You can subscribe to email notifications to stay up to date on item changes. To receive email notifications, you must configure your profile to receive them.

You can only unsubscribe to notifications that you created for yourself. If you have notifications that others subscribed you to, you can’t unsubscribe, but you can mute them.


Muting notifications can be disabled by an organization administrator.

  1. Select your name in the header to open the My Profile window.

  2. Select My Subscriptions, then select the tab with the subscriptions you want to see:

    • Me — Subscriptions you created

    • Others — Subscriptions that others created for you

  3. Define how often you want to receive notifications: use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window.

    Default is to check for new notifications every 5 minutes.

    • Daily — Receive a batch of notifications in a single daily email.

    • Weekly — Receive a batch of notifications in a single weekly email.

    • Mute All Notifications — Silence all item subscription emails.



    Muting notifications only affects email subscriptions for items and not other types of email notifications