Jama Connect User Guide

Set API credentials

To integrate applications and scripts through the Jama Connect REST API, you must first generate API credentials. We currently use OAuth 2.0 authentication to generate pairs of client IDs and secrets. This method is often preferred by users and IT security groups over more basic methods that directly take usernames and passwords.

Important considerations

  • To use the API in a self-hosted environment, you need basic authentication for scripts and integrations.

  • API credentials like these are only used for safe authentication. User access and privileges set by your Jama Connect administrator are still enforced.

  • For full instructions on how to use API credentials after you generate them, see the developer notes on authentication.

  • You can make a maximum of 20 API credentials; remove the ones you don't need. To do this, select Set API credentials from the My Profile window.

To set your API credentials:

  1. Select your name in the header to open the My Profile window.

  2. Select Set API Credentials at the top right of the window.

  3. Add a name (required) to help remember why you made these credentials and a short description (optional) that's easy to understand, like Test Automation Integration.

  4. Select Create API Credentials. Jama Connect generates a new Client ID and Client Secret pair for you to use.

  5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret right away.


    The Client Secret is displayed only once, right after you create it. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret into your application before you continue. If you don't copy them now, you must create a new Client ID and Client ID.