Jama Connect User Guide

List View

List View shows data from multiple items in a table with a different field in each column. You can sort, select, and compare items at a glance. 

The button is in the toolbar at the top of the center panel.



In List View you can:

  1. Arrange columns by selecting the column header and dragging

  2. Select the column header to sort items. Click again to sort in reverse order. Configure fields to view the ones you want.

  3. Open items by selecting the ID or global ID link.

  4. Select single or multiple items to move them or use the Actions in the toolbar.

  5. Edit an item inline by double-clicking on the item to make it editable, make changes, then select Save.

  6. Reorder items by dragging them from List View to the Explorer Tree.

  7. View locked items.

  8. View the Relationship Status Indicator.

  9. Add comments and view connected users.

  10. View related items.

  11. Change pages.

If your organization has a risk management license, you can also configure this view to see risks in List View.