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Jama Connect User Guide

Using and managing locked items

As a user, you can view your locked items across all projects. You can also unlock any items that you previously locked.

Items that were locked are listed in your profile window under the tab My Locked Items.

The list includes the item name and the date the item was locked.



If an item was locked by another user, you can see who locked it by viewing the item In List View or Single Item View. Hover over the item's Edit button.

The tab, System Locked Items, and the option, Show All Locked Items, are visible only to organization and project admins.

Organization admins and project admins can unlock items that were locked by any user. They can also view system-locked items and unlock them according to their permissions.


Organization admin

Project admin

Unlock items locked by another user


Only in projects where they are admins

 View and unlock system-locked items

Across all projects

Only in projects where they are admins

Enable category management for locked items



Organization and project admins can't use the batch update workflow to unlock system-locked items.