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Jama Connect User Guide

Back up to .jama or XML (traditional)

We recommend backing up to a .jama or XML file for migrations and refreshes because this method has built-in automation. You can avoid manual changes which can impact the integrity of the data.

A .jama file backup includes the database and /data directory. An XML file backup includes only the database.

Important considerations

  • If SAML is enabled, disable it before backing up your data. After you restore your instance of Jama Connect, you must re-enable SAML.

  • Backups must be done manually; they can't be scheduled automatically.

  • Make sure you have enough available disk space.

  • Make sure Jama Connect is in maintenance mode before you create a backup.

  • If you are using a version of Jama Connect prior to version 8, generate backups during a maintenance window and inform users, including API users, not to use the application.

  • Regardless of what version you are using, all integrations must be disabled.

To back up to a .jama or XML file:

  1. Log in to Jama Connect as the root user.

  2. Select the Backup tab to see the backup options.

  3. Choose a backup method (listed here in recommended order).




    Save .jama file to the application server.

    Migrating between versions later than 8.0.

    Save .jama File to server

    Save XML file to the application server.

    Save XML File to Server

    Download XML database backup to your workstation.

    • If you can't access the application server

    • For smaller databases

    Download XML

    Download document type definition (DTD) to your workstation.

    If all other methods fail

    Download DTD

The backup process is complete.