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Jama Connect User Guide

Reindex all search items (traditional)

Search indexes get out of sync with the database due to large batch updates, API updates, or database updates. During a full index, all search indexes are rewritten to the current values in the database.


You must have system administrator permissions to complete this task while logged in as root. While organization admins and project admins can index project items, they can't index all search items.

Important considerations

  • Files over 25 MB aren't indexed, so their content isn't searchable.

  • Filetypes that can be indexed: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, RTF.

  • Filetypes that can't be indexed: XLSX, XLS, XML, HTML, HTM.

  • During the index process, the application automatically enters  maintenance mode. Users can’t log in during this time and users who are already logged in receive a message about the maintenance.

To sync your search indexes:

  1. Notify users before initiating an index.

  2. Disable all integrations including legacy connectors and the Jama/Tasktop Integration Hub.

    DWR, SOAP, and REST API calls are automatically blocked during the reindex.


    The system administrator doesn't have access to disable integrations. Work with an organization admin or integrations admin to disable those services.

  3. Log in to Jama Connect as the root user.

  4. Select the Index/Search tab and select Index items.

    The system displays a count of items in the application and the estimated time to complete the index.

  5. Select Yes to continue.

You see an alert when indexing is complete and maintenance mode is automatically disabled.