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Jama Connect User Guide

Remove old Docker images (traditional)

Old Docker images from previous versions of Jama Connect use up storage space and might cause indexing to fail. To avoid this, periodically remove old Docker images from your system to keep it running smoothly.

You also want to remove dangling volumes, which are volumes associated with a container that no longer exists. Jama Connect creates new containers and volumes when you restart the application. These volumes can fill up your disk space.


Make sure Jama Connect is running so that only images not in use are deleted. These commands clean only images and volumes loaded with the Docker storage driver in use. Files that were written with other storage drivers remain on the volume until separate commands are run for that storage driver.

Use these commands to clean up your volumes:

  1. Identify how much space is being used on your server:

    sudo docker system df
  2. List out all Docker images on your server:

    sudo docker images

    Images are displayed on the screen, listed by their ID in the IMAGE ID column.

  3. Remove an image by its ID:

    sudo docker rmi IMAGE_ID
  4. Remove any dangling volumes from the Docker data root directory:

    docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -qf dangling=true)
  5. Identify the volumes being removed:

    docker volume ls -qf dangling=true


When you run the commands above to remove an image that is currently in use, you will get an error. For self-hosted customers with internet access, any missing images download again when you restart Jama Connect. For airgap customers, you'll need to manually load the images.