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Jama Connect User Guide

Configuring the Admin Console settings (traditional)

Jama Connect uses Replicated technology to deliver all microservices to self-hosted customers. Replicated software is a container orchestration tool that provides the interface, Admin Console, for Jama Connect.

Replicated and Jama Connect are hosted on the same application server, running on different ports.

The Admin Console stores settings, such as SSL certificates and database connection information, that Jama Connect uses to start and run correctly. Some of its functions include:

  • Manage the run state of Jama Connect

  • Perform upgrades

  • Synchronize license renewals

Many of the settings for the Admin Console are configured during installation. However, you can make changes to the settings whenever you need.

Application server overview

Your application server hosts the Jama Connect application, Docker containers, and the Admin Console (Replicated software). It also stores data such as attachments, images, reports, and a micro-service cache.

Docker containers — A standalone executable package of software that includes code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and settings. See for details.

Replicated — A container-based platform for easily deploying cloud native applications inside customers' environments to provide greater security and control. The Admin Console is the user interface for installing the Jama Connect application. See for details.

  • Jama Connect users access Jama Connect by browsing to the instance URL (

  • System administrators access the Admin Console by browsing to the same instance URL, but on port 8800 (

  • Replicated updates Jama Connect and the license via API calls for internet-enabled environments.

    Our airgap option removes the need for remote API calls.

  • Any content added to your Jama Connect instance is stored in the database. Uploaded artifacts are stored in the file system in the /data directory.