Jama Connect User Guide

Add, edit, or delete a test group

When adding test cases to a plan, they are added in groups. In addition to the default test group, or automatic groups that are created by dragging test cases, you can also manually create a new group.

  1. Select Test cases for the plan you want to see.

  2. Select the green Add Test Group button.

  3. In Add/Edit Group of Test Cases, enter the name of the group.

  4. Select the magnifying glass icon to open the Add users window. Select the name of the person you want to assign to run the tests in this group. Use Select user to complete the action. This also automatically assigns any runs created from this group to that person.


    Some organizations create a user as a placeholder for a particular team, such as "Sample User" and assign groups to that team.


    This does require an active license, but it allows members of the team to see all the runs that are assigned to their team in a cycle.


    When you execute a run that was assigned to another user (such as "Sample User") you can reassign that run to yourself.

  5. Select Save on the Add/Edit groups of test cases window.

  6. To edit an existing test group, select the settings icon in the corner of the group to open the Add/Edit window. You can also use the triangle to collapse or expand groups, or the X to delete groups.