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Jama Connect User Guide

Upgrading Jama Connect (traditional)

Whether your organization is internet-enabled or airgap, follow these instructions to download and install the upgrade software you need for your Jama Connect instance.

If your organization needs the extra security of an airgap installation, Jama Software provides access to an airgap-safe portal to retrieve your Jama Connect images.

You might need to upgrade only the Jama Connect application. Or you might need to upgrade Jama Connect and the Admin Console (Replicated) at the same time.


Upgrading to Jama Connect 8.62.x only

Things to de before upgrading

Important considerations

  • Always perform the upgrade in a test environment before upgrading your production environment.

  • Jama Connect versions 8.0 and later don’t work in a Windows Server environment or with an Oracle database. For details, see Application server requirements.

  • If you're on a version of Jama Connect earlier than 8.36.0, you must perform a step upgrade. First upgrade to version 8.36.0, then upgrade to version 8.49.0. You can’t skip the step upgrades. See Incremental Step Upgrade for Jama 8.x and Beyond for details.