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Jama Connect User Guide

Upgrade from a version prior to 8.0

If you are upgrading from a version of Jama Connect prior to 8.0 (for example, 2015.5), the upgrade process is different from previous upgrades because the deployment model has changed.


Perform the upgrade in a test environment before upgrading your production environment.


  1. Configure a supported environment with proper application server preparation.

  2. Choose your upgrade channel.

  3. Locate your production and staging environment licenses.

  4. Make sure that your current version of Jama Connect doesn't have a build date older than 2015/11/20. If you are running an older version of Jama Connect, the upgrade won't be able successful.

    Note: Our recommended upgrade path is 3.x > 4.x > 4.2.x > 2014.x > 2015.x > 2015.5 > version


Depending on your current environment setup, the steps in the upgrade process to version vary. Before upgrading, review the Supported Software for your channel and the Production System Requirements. Jama Connect 8.0 and earlier won't work in a Windows Server environment or with an Oracle database.

Migrating from Oracle

If you are upgrading from a version of Jama Connect using Oracle, you must migrate to a supported database before upgrading to version. See Migrating Databases for more information on the process.

Migrating from Windows

If you are upgrading a version of Jama Connect running on Windows, you must migrate to a supported Linux operating system. Once the Linux environment is properly configured, move on to Migrating to version.

Migrating to version

Since this is your first time upgrading to Jama Connect version version, this process will consist of a migration.

Migrating on the same server

If Jama Connect is running a supported OS, you can stage the new installation on the same server. However, your environment must meet these requirements:

  1. Your previous version of Jama Connect must not be running at the time of installation.

  2. No other applications can run on the server.

  3. Once you have completed the migration, you must remove your previous Jama Connect installation.

Migration process

  1. Migrate existing data from [contour_home] on your current Jama Connect server to /data/contour/ on the Jama version server.

  2. If you are migrating your database, see Migrating database server.

  3. Follow the installation instructions.

    Follow the installation instructions for airgap.

  4. Verify that the installation was successful.

  5. Remove any previous installations of Jama Connect from the server.

Once Jama Connect is successfully installed, upgrading to future releases is done from the Admin Console.