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Jama Connect User Guide

Upgrade Jama Connect

Whether your environment is internet-enabled or airgap, you can upgrade an existing installation of Jama Connect to a newer version using the Admin Console.

An installation script walks you through the process of upgrading Jama Connect. To start the wizard, you use the URL that was generated when you installed or upgraded the Admin Console (Replicated).

Important considerations

  • If you are upgrading both the Admin Console (Replicated) and Jama Connect, upgrade the Admin Console first.

  • If you're on a version of Jama Connect earlier than 8.36.0, you must perform a step upgrade. First upgrade to version 8.36.0, then upgrade to version 8.49.0. You can’t skip the step upgrades. See Incremental Step Upgrade for Jama 8.x and Beyond for details.

  • Airgap only: Before you can upgrade the application in an airgap environment, you must first retrieve Jama Connect images and transfer them to your application server.

To upgrade Jama Connect:

  1. Use a browser to navigate to Admin Console > Dashboard and make sure that the Admin Console is up to date.

  2. Depending on whether an update is available, select the following:

    • If an update was already discovered, the dashboard reads "There is an update available." Select View update.

    • If no update was already discovered, the dashboard reads: "Jama is up to date." Select Check now.


      If an update is then discovered, the dashboard reads "Update Available." Select View update.

  3. Review the proposed update or updates and select Install Update.

  4. Go to the dashboard, which displays the progress of the upgrade.

    • Updating — The Jama Connect components are downloaded from our private and secure registry on the Internet.

    • Starting... Queued — The components are started and initialized, as well as the database is updated.

  5. When the dashboard reads “Started,” the update is complete. Select the Open link under Started to open Jama Connect in a new browser window.

  6. Log in to Jama Connect.

  7. Rebuild the search index.