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Jama Connect User Guide

Upgrade the Admin Console (airgap)

The Admin Console (Replicated) can be updated whenever a new version is available. To do so for an airgap installation, you first download the files to an internet-enabled system, then move and extract them to the /data/install directory on your airgap application server.

When upgrading both Replicated and Jama Connect, upgrade Replicated first.

These steps upgrade Replicated in an airgap environment. If Docker is out of date, it is also updated.

  1. Use this URL to download the Replicated files to an internet-enabled system.

  2. Transfer the Replicated files to the same location on your airgap application server as your original airgap installation files.

  3. Execute the following command in the same directory where the airgap installation files were originally installed.

    tar -xzvf replicated-A.BC.D+A.BC.D+A.BC.D.tar.gz --overwrite

    To find the original file, look in the Admin Console:

    Gear icon > Console settings > Airgap settings

    Note the update path.  The filename looks like this, where A.BC.D is the version ID:


  4. Run the installation script in the same directory where the files were extracted. You must have system administration permissions to do this. 

    cat ./ | sudo bash -s airgap
  5. Follow the installation prompts, then you can leave the installation unattended.

  6. Once the process is finished, go to the Admin Console and confirm that Replicated was upgraded to the correct version.