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Jama Connect User Guide

Upgrading from Jama Connect traditional to KOTS

Jama Connect is a Linux-based application that runs on Docker containers and uses Replicated software to "orchestrate" deploying applications. The current version of Jama Connect uses Replicated KOTS, while older versions use traditional Replicated software. The process of upgrading Jama Connect from traditional to KOTS includes planning, preparing your environment, and installing the software.

Upgrade scenarios

Upgrade with new servers (recommended) — This recommended scenario uses new application and database servers to support your KOTS Replicated environment. It requires you to:

  • Copy targeted data from the existing application server into the new environment.

  • Restore a backup of your current database to the new database server.

While this scenario results in the temporary overhead of supporting two separate environments, it comes with less risk of unwanted downtime.

Upgrade with existing servers — This scenario reuses the current application and database servers from your traditional Replicated environment. This scenario:

  • Requires you to uninstall elements of the traditional Replicated platform before you can install the KOTS Replicated platform. 

  • Can cause significant maintenance downtime. Make sure to inform your users of this maintenance window. Also have an emergency plan in place to revert back to the traditional Replicated environment if necessary.

Before you upgrade
  • Contact your Customer Success Manager to request a KOTS internet or airgap license.

  • Choose the upgrade scenario that works best for your organization. Whichever scenario you choose, expect production downtime while the new instance is configured. Best to upgrade during off hours.

  • Follow the instructions in the planning and preparing sections to ensure a successful upgrade.

Components and what they do

Replicated KOTS — A container-based platform for easily deploying cloud native applications inside customers' environments, providing greater security and control. The KOTS Admin Console is the interface for installing, configuring, and administering the KOTS deployment of the Jama Connect application and required services. See for details.

Docker containers — A standalone executable package of software that includes code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and settings. See for details.

Jama Connect KOTS license — Contact your Customer Success Manager to request a KOTS license. Save the license file to a location you can access easily; you will need it when installing Jama Connect.

For more information about KOTS, see


Replicated KOTS is the only supported platform for Jama Connect 9.0 and later. To upgrade Jama Connect traditional to KOTS, see Upgrade from Jama Connect traditional to KOTS workflow.