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Jama Connect User Guide

Planning your upgrade to KOTS

Before you upgrade from traditional to KOTS, make sure you have everything you need according to your type of installation.

Important considerations
  • We recommend that you use a new application server and database server. Once the KOTS Replicated environment is installed successfully, the traditional Replicated environment can be removed.

  • If you plan to reuse the existing application server and database server when upgrading:

    • Make sure you pay careful attention to resource sizing. System requirements for the KOTS Replicated platform are different from the traditional Replicated platform.

    • This scenario requires that you uninstall the traditional Replicated platform, resulting in potential unwanted downtime.

What you need

All environments

  • The KOTS license file (submit a request to your Customer Success Manager).

  • Run the KOTS preflight installation checks to ensure servers and settings are configured correctly.

  • Record the size of existing data assets and database for application and database server requirements and resource sizing. To check the current assets size, run the following command from the application server command line:

    sudo du -shc /data/contour/*
  • Record the existing settings from your traditional Replicated Admin Console. You can find the settings in the support bundle (under /daemon/replicated/app-config.json). These settings are used to configure Jama Connect after the upgrade to Jama Connect KOTS.

  • An application server with the necessary preparation and sizing requirements.

  • A database server with the necessary preparation.

  • Supported 64-bit Linux distribution with a kernel of:

    • 4.x or greater (recommended)

    • 3.10 (minimum)

Airgap environment

  • The KOTS airgap license file (submit a request to your Customer Success Manager).

  • PDF of this installation guide for the version of Jama Connect you are installing.


If you lose the URL and password, contact Support to generate new ones.


  • TLS certificate and private key to secure the Admin Console and Jama Connect application.