Jama Connect User Guide

Exploring the Jama Connect workspace

The Jama Connect workspace is where you set up and manage your projects, create test plans, communicate with your team, track relationships, and more. The workspace is divided into five areas (or panes) that you can expand, collapse, and resize.

Jama Connect is highly configurable, so you can customize the workflow that works best for you. For example, focus on creating requirements from the Explorer Tree, view details about a test case, or explore relationships. Depending on the task or goal, you might interact with one area or all areas of the workspace.


The first and second panes are the center of the Jama Connect workspace. Select an item to drill down, expanding additional sections and presenting more details.

  1. Create and manage projects — Select the tabs at the top of the left panel to expand these views: Explorer, Filters, Releases, Baselines, and Test Plans.

  2. View item and result list details — View the details of specific items and the result lists. Components, Sets, Folders, Filters, and searches are located in this pane.

  3. View relationships and change requests — Add relationships for traceability or items within a change request. Open this section from the Relationships tab and close when it’s not needed.

  4. Manage item information — Manage information associated with comments, relationships, attachments, versions, and activities. Select an item in section 1 to open section 2.

  5. Use keywords to navigate the workspace — Use the Tags cloud to quickly navigate to items grouped by keywords.