Jama Connect User Guide

Key features

Live traceability

  • Understand the impact of a change.

  • View test coverage and assure quality.

  • Save time finding gaps in coverage.

  • Easily navigate upstream and downstream relationships.

  • Filter and export views specific to your product.

Test management

  • Create and organize test plans, test cases, dashboards, and reports.

  • View and run test cases and instantly log connected defects when tests fail.

  • Execute, open, or assign test that relate to specific requirements and features.

  • Build custom reports that show auditors the connections between regulations, requirements, and tests.

Review management

  • Connect with other users to quickly see who authored, made an edit, commented or was mentioned on an item.

  • Gather, monitor, and incorporate feedback.

  • Stream discussions to bring new users and stakeholders into current conversations.

Risk and requirements management

  • Integrate risk analysis within your development process for clarity about associated requirements and mitigations.

  • Track data and make decisions, promoting cross-functional collaboration with contributors from different functions and geographic locations.