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Jama Connect User Guide

Set relationship types

One part of the initial traceability setup is configuring the available relationship types.


You must have organization admin permissions to complete this task.

  1. Select Admin > Organization, then select Relationships.

  2. Under Relationship Types, use the icons to add, edit (pencil), delete (X) or reorder (arrows) relationship types.

  3. When adding a new relationship type, enter a display name and description. The description is only visible in this edit window.

  4. (Optional) Select Show Note and Show Status to allow users who create a new relationship using this relationship type to enter a note and a status for that relationship.

    Status and notes are visible any time you reopen the Add/edit relationship window. Also, when notes and status are enabled under Relationship Options...


    ... you see them in the bottom panel of Single Item View when Relationships is selected.


    You can also filter by status or note in an impact analysis.

  5. If you delete a relationship type, choose a replacement type for affected relationships.