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Jama Connect User Guide

Set up projects workflow

If your organization admin has configured the Override option for workflows, you can change the settings for an existing project workflow.


You must have project or organization admin permissions to complete this task. Before you can edit a workflow, the organization admin must configure the Override option to be selected.

  1. Select Admin > Project.

    Image shows projects in the header, then project at the top of the left panel with a pull down to configure project.
  2. Select the Workflow tab, then click Override in the Action column of the workflow you want to edit.

  3. In the Workflow Configuration section, select the following options for the workflow you're setting up.

    • Enable workflow for this organization

    • Allow project managers to override workflows on a project


      If you don't enable this option, performance might be impacted and it might trigger a long transaction if the organization has more than 10 workflows.

    • Workflow for Item Type

    • What picklist field should workflow apply to

    • Version items on workflow status change



    You can associate only one pick list field per item type. The field must be a pick list field; multi-select lists don't work.

  4. In the first row of the Current Status table, specify an initial state for the item when it's created. This is the default status of the item, and it overwrites the default field status if one is set.

  5. In the following rows, specify the workflow, who is allowed to make those transitions, and the actions that occur when an item changes status. For example, locking the item or sending an email.

    1. Use the pull-down to move the current status to a new status and trigger related actions or notifications.

    2. Edit the Action text to make messaging more useful or clear.

    3. Use the green plus button or the red minus button to add or remove transitions in your workflow.

    4. Select the lock icon to lock or unlock the item when it reaches a certain status such as "draft," "approved," or "complete."


      This lock is a "system lock" that's different from a user lock. A user lock can still be edited by the user who locked it and easily unlocked by the that user or an admin. An item in a system lock can't be edited by anyone. Admins can still unlock the item, but we recommend using transitions to move an item to a state where it can edited again

    5. Select the link in the Transition Permissions column to choose who can make these transitions.

    6. Select the link in the Notifications column to send an email notification when a user transitions the status of an item. 


      If you send a notification, a message appears where you can document the transition and the reason for changing the status.

  6. Click Save.