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Jama Connect User Guide


Administration in Jama Connect applies primarily to controlling the product development process and users’ access to the data.

Product development process

There is no “one size fits all” process for developing products or applications. Each industry starts with a template modeled after best practices, but every company can tailor the process to fit its needs.

Here is an example process used to develop a medical device.


In this example:

  • Boxes indicate an artifact/document (generically defined as item types in Jama Connect).

  • Lines indicate relationships that enforce traceability between the items.

  • Item types indicate items with configurable fields to record specific details about each requirement, including details like ID, Name, and Description, as well as values for capturing data (workflow status, validation method), similar to columns in a spreadsheet.

User management

A primary role for administration in any enterprise system is the assignment of licenses and managing access to data. Jama Connect includes several options for administrators to fine-tune read/write/review access to fit their company’s needs.

Learn more about user management