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Jama Connect User Guide

Finish a review as an approver

  1. When you're finished with a review, select Complete review from the toolbar.

  2. In the Review finished window, you can mark any remaining items "Approved" and add a final comment. These comments are visible under Reviews > Feedback in the top-right menu. If email notifications are enabled, an email is also sent to the moderator or other participants to let them know you’re done with your work. If this review requires an electronic signature, you can also add that here.

  3. Select Request new revision or Approve (or Approve and sign if you're using an electronic signature).


If you change your mind and want to reopen your review after finishing a review as an approver, you can select  Reopen review to re-open it, as long as the moderator hasn't closed the review. If you're using an electronic signature, opening a review revokes it.