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Jama Connect User Guide

Test cases

Test cases are items that define how a requirement is verified. Test cases (also referred to as validations or verifications) are directly related to the requirements they are meant to verify. This ensures proper coverage and establishes a trace from requirements to the results of testing (verification).

Test cases are created in the same way any item is created and organized in the Jama Connect structure. Jama Connect sample frameworks typically provide a default test case item, but your organization can configure its own test case item type with terminology and fields relevant to your process.

Like most other items in Jama Connect, test cases can be reused across projects. They can be organized directly within a project or within a library of test cases, where they can be reused.

After creation, organization, review, and approval, test cases are added to one or more test plans in Jama Connect, where test runs are generated for the test cases. During a test run, results are captured for test cases. Jama Connect automatically establishes a trace from test cases to test runs and displays this relationship in Trace View.