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Jama Connect User Guide

Test cases

Test cases are items that contain the tests needed to validate or verify product features or systems.

Test cases contain essential information about your tests. Depending on how you want to use them you can make standalone tests, or specific tests aligned with your use cases and requirements to assist with validation and verification.

Creating test cases is the first step in getting tests set up for your organization. Although Jama Connect comes with a default item type of Test Case, you can use any item type as a test case. You can add a new test case in the same way you would add any other item

Here are three ways you might want to organize test cases:

  • By project: Keep all the test cases in the same location as your project so the team goes to the same place to collaborate, and can see a similar mirrored structure between your tests and requirements. This makes it easy to manage permissions for users and contain the test case and test run status in your reports.

  • By library: You can create a single library of tests in a separate project and reuse test cases in different projects. This can be useful to standardize the testing setup and to allow the entire organization to use the same test cases. However, with test cases being reused in multiple plans and projects, reports are more likely to rely on test run status than test case status.

  • Adhoc: You can pull test cases from multiple projects into any plan. You can find test cases across multiple projects by using a filter.

Test cases are where you create test steps that are used every time that case is run.

Test cases contain an automatically calculated (and uneditable) test case status field.