Jama Connect User Guide


With tests, you can create an overall test plan, as well as specific tests to validate and verify the quality of your product. From there, you can create test groups and test run cycles of those tests that can be executed and logged. 

A typical workflow looks like this:

  • Create a test plan that gives an overview of how you will test requirements.

  • Assign test cases to that plan, to describe the specific tests you will use and their steps.

  • Organize those cases into groups.

  • Get ready for testing, by moving those groups into cycles where you can see the individual tests you want to run. 

  • Execute the test runs, document results and update your test case status. You can also log a defect.


You must have at least a test runner license to be able to add and edit defects and items, create test plans and runs, and manage relationships and attachments. However, test runners can only affect items that are used as defects.