Jama Connect User Guide

Welcome to Jama Connect

Jama Connect is a centralized web application for managing the development of new technology products. The application allows you to manage all aspects of product requirements like capture, trace, analyze, and change. It also records test results and manages risk while maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • Capture and work with real-time decisions and feedback.

  • Manage requirements to optimize your product development process.

  • Create and organize test plans, test cases, dashboards, and reports.

  • Connect with other users to quickly see who authored content, made an edit, commented, or was mentioned in an item.

  • Monitor with live traceability to understand the impact of a change.

This version of Jama Connect always presents the most recent documentation for cloud and self-hosted releases. Content might differ from the release version you're using. For version-specific guides, see the Jama Software Community.

This guide contains information about a self-hosted release of Jama Connect. If you're a system administrator new to Jama Software you can skip straight to the system administrator section.