Jama Connect User Guide

Analysis — Monitoring your project

Jama Connect includes tools that give you the big picture of your project and that help you gain insight on different areas of your product development.

  • Dashboard

  • Reports

  • Coverage and traceability tools — Find out how mature the product development is. For example, if 100% of requirements have a traced verification, development is in a mature and complete state and can claim compliance.

  • Exports — Analyze data in tools like Excel. Jama Connect provides dashboards for a visual at-a-glance display of your project. Users with organization admin or project admin permissions can configure a project dashboard.

You can select dashboard options that display a project’s key metrics, so you can see which parts of your project need attention.

Examples dashboard options include:

  • Pie chart — Shows all requirements by status. For example, 25% are in draft state, 75% are in review state.

  • Bar chart — Shows count of all requirements missing a downstream verification test.

Dashboards are customized per project, not per user. See a list of dashboard options that can be added to the dashboard.