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Jama Connect User Guide

Collaborating with your team

For companies to turn today’s research into tomorrow’s products, teams must stay connected and synchronized. Jama Connect equips teams to track decisions and ensure quality of the product they set out to build.

Jama Connect links globally distributed team members and facilitates collaboration in the product development lifecycle. It allows you to provide and capture feedback, decision making, and approval for requirements and all product aspects under review.

Jama Connect enables efficient sharing of data, documents, files, information, and knowledge within and across teams in your organization.

Use these features to work with your team, document conversations, and track decisions.

  • Reviews — A method to help teams, stakeholders, and customers discuss, evaluate, revise, and approve items in the development process. For details, see Reviews in Jama Connect.

  • Workflows — An automated set of transitions, from one status to another, over the course of an item's lifespan.

  • Notifications — Optional emails sent to groups or individuals to alert you when changes to items are made.

  • Stream — A collection of the most recent comments and activities in the project.

  • Electronic signatures — A method for getting approval on electronic documents or forms.