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Jama Connect User Guide

Email notifications and subscriptions

Users can configure email and notification settings in their profile to stay up to date with activity in their projects.


To receive notifications in Jama Connect, your SMTP must be enabled by your system admin.

You can sign up for notifications to be sent to you automatically from several places in Jama Connect.

Notifications from...

Sent to you...


When you're invited to participate

When someone replies to your comments in a review


When status of an item changes


When you're mentioned in the stream

System Health Report

With updates on license usage

Your Jama Connect administrators control what you can do with subscriptions. For example:

  • Organization administrators — Can allow users to subscribe others and to mute subscriptions.

  • Project organization administrators — Can unsubscribe groups or individuals from any of their subscriptions.

As a user, you can:

  • Set up notifications for a single item in a project or for an entire project.

  • Configure email notifications and subscriptions.