Jama Connect User Guide

Tracking changes in your project

Being able to track changes is critical throughout product development, including details and context that led to the change, specific version differences, and stakeholders involved with the changes. Jama Connect gives you the ability to capture all of these details.

Jama Connect has two effective ways to track changes:

  • Versions — Capture change at an “item” level. For example, a single requirement might have multiple versions as well as associated change comments.

  • Baselines — Capture a point-in-time snapshot of a group of items. For example, if you want to preserve a version of an entire Jama Connect project or “set” of approved items, you can create a baseline.

Version changes

A new version is created each time you make changes to an item. In the bottom panel, you can compare versions or make a past version current.

Changes to a single item

In the following screenshot, you can see how Jama Connect compares differences between multiple versions of an item. This engineering requirement has two versions. In the bottom panel, you can also see who made the change, any change details, and, if added, any change comments. Get the complete context of change from just this one screen!


Version Compare view

This next screenshot shows the differences between two versions of a requirement. Individual field differences are shown and highlighted* in red and green, making it easy to see what might have changed.


* Red = content that was removed. Green = new content added.

Changes to several items in a baseline

This next screenshot shows a baseline in Jama Connect, which is a snapshot of several items.


Baselines can also change over time as new requirements are added, removed, or updated. Jama Connect provides users with the ability to track these changes between different baselines through out-of-the-box reports.