Jama Connect User Guide

How reviews work

Ever feel like work is harder than it should be? Multiple revisions of a document get emailed around; conflicting or out-of-sequence feedback on shared documents; expensive time-consuming review meetings: sound familiar?


Jama Connect alleviates these pain points with its review features.

  • Everyone is automatically placed in the latest revision.

  • Reviewers can simultaneously log their feedback and approvals.

  • All feedback is in sequence with document revisions.

  • It’s easy to filter and view only the items that need additional review or feedback.

Reviews are critical to improving requirements and test quality and in increasing the shared understanding among the teams who are engineering and implementing the requirements. Most item types in Jama Connect can be sent to a review.

Review roles: who does what?

  • Moderator — Content Owner. Starts the review and facilitates the discussion.

  • Reviewer — Contributes to the discussion.

  • Approver — Signs off and approves items that are in review.

Who can start a review?

Users with Creator license and permissions to author and edit in the project can start and moderate a review.

What's involved in a review?

Here’s what a typical workflow looks like.



Define what gets reviewed

Before starting a review, determine which set or folder of items you want to send for review. A review doesn’t need to be for an entire document. It can be for particular sections only, which allows for a more agile and iterative review. In addition to location, a review can be started from a filter, release, baseline, or test plan.


Start the review

If leveraging Jama Connect workflow functionality, make sure the status of items is set to “Review:” right-click on the location in the Explorer Tree and click Send for review. If you’re starting from a filter, release, baseline or test plan, right-click the Filter/Release/Baseline/Test Plan name and click Send for review. Jama Connect loads the review setup wizard, where you can configure the review deadline and invite Reviewers and Approvers.


Monitor progress

the review is initialized, Reviewers and Approvers receive an email invitation to participate. They work concurrently, adding comments and marking items as “Approved” or “Rejected.” As a moderator, you can track participant progress and respond to comments.


Incorporate changes

As the moderator, you incorporate edits based on feedback from the participants. After incorporating changes, you are prompted to publish a new revision of the review.


Close the review

Reviews close when the review deadline is reached or when the Moderator closes the review manually (Finish > Close for feedback, Finish > Finalize approval review, or Finish > Mark review as finalized).

Reviews can always be reopened to publish new revisions and review what has changed.

Best practices

  • Facilitate a review before Requirement is moved to “Approved” or “Rejected” status.

  • Focus on small, iterative reviews with fewer than 200 requirements per review. A large requirements doc can be hard to consume.

  • It’s OK to have lots of review revisions; approvers are always placed into the “latest” revision.

  • Offer guidance on the type of feedback you need.

Create a review

You can create a review for any group of items in a project. And you can start a review from several places in the Jama Connect interface.

Regardless of where you begin, the process is the same through an easy-to-follow wizard.


Let’s start from Reviews in the top navigation.

  1. Select Reviews, then select Start a review.


    The wizard opens to the Definitions page.

  2. Follow the prompts in the wizard to define your review:

  3. Click Initiate review.

Learn more about reviews

For details about how to create and use reviews, explore these topics in the User Guide: