Jama Connect User Guide

Create and export views in the Coverage Explorer

A view can only contain up to 500 items per level. You can bookmark a view to highlight and prioritize it. Only the view's creator can rename or delete it.

  1. From Projects, select Project > Traceability > Coverage Explorer.

  2. Select Add Coverage View.

  3. In the Select items window, select the item or items you want to analyze for coverage. Use the tabs at the top to change your view from Recently Viewed to the Explorer, Releases , or a Filter if these are better ways to find the items you want. Select Preview to see details about an item. Once you choose the items you want to analyze, use Select to close the window and see your items in the main Coverage Explorer window. 

  4. Use the gear icon at the top of the Coverage Explorer window to hide, show, and reorder fields for that level.

  5. Select the green plus button to add a new level of downstream relationships. You can add only one item type per level. However, if you add a downstream level and leave the item type blank, it displays multiple item types.

  6. Select Save to save the view. It is added to the saved views in the left column with a favorite star. You can deselect the star by clicking on it.

  7. Select Export to export a view to an Excel document.