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Jama Connect User Guide

Managing your content

Content in Jama Connect uses an item-based approach, where items are the major building blocks for your content. Managing your content includes planning, organizing, and tracking progress and impact.

  • Item versions — Each time you change an item, a new version is created. You can compare versions and make a past version current.

  • Change requests — Change requests are items that call for a change to a product or system.

  • Releases — A release is a group of items that are developed together and mapped to a specific completion date.

  • Baselines — A baseline in Jama Connect is a snapshot of your project at a point in time.

  • Coverage and Traceability — Coverage is the extent to which items are validated by another item. Traceability shows the relationship between items that depend upon and define each other.

  • Reuse and synchronization — With reuse you can duplicate supporting information for any item, container of items, or even a project. With synchronization you keep items continuously in sync.

  • Exports — Select the data you want to export directly to Word or Excel.