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Jama Connect User Guide

Export to Word from Reading View

You can export a set of items as a Microsoft Word document. If you want to show your content in context, you can include hierarchy in the export.

The default Word export is a boilerplate that was created with Office Templates and can be modified to meet your needs.

  1. Select the items you want to export using the Explorer Tree or an advanced filter, then select Reading View.

  2. Select Export > Export to Word.

    Depending on how you selected your data, your exported content appears as follows:



    Explorer Tree

    The selected container becomes the title page for the export.

    Advanced filter within single project

    Reading View includes the container hierarchy above the filtered items, up to the top of the project. Container items that show hierarchy have a grayed-out (disabled) checkbox, while the rest of the items can be selected. Hierarchical containers are exported with the content items.

    Cross-project filter

    Reading View doesn't display numbering. The export is a listing of items without hierarchical information.