Jama Connect User Guide


Select the data you want to export using advanced filters or the Explorer Tree and export directly to Word or Excel from List or Reading View. Use these options to quickly export without a template.

If you view your filter results in Reading View, you see container items. These items offer a sense of hierarchy and visual context and are included in your export. However, you can't select or change containers from Reading View.

You can also:

To use specific templates, select Office Templates. From the Office templates window, you can download and modify some of the more basic templates.


Do you have information you want to include or exclude from an export? In List View, select the gear icon to modify the fields that appear in your in your document.



For self-hosted customers, a system or organization administrator can upload custom Velocity exports that are also displayed in the Export window.

Cloud customers can upload Velocity reports by contacting jamareports@jamasoftware.com.