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Jama Connect User Guide


With Jama Connect, you can create documents using the standard export to Word and Excel or by creating your own custom Office Templates. For example, you might need to create documents to share with your customers, quality teams, or auditors.

Exporting without a template

To export data directly to Word or Excel in List View or Reading View, you can do so without a template, using advanced filters or the Explorer Tree.

Exporting with a template

Using templates to export data speeds your work and improves consistency. With Excel templates, you can easily create and share your customized analysis with others in your organization. With Word templates, you can create standardized documents that are automatically populated with your data.

To export to a specific template, you select Export > View all export options, then download an existing template. You can modify a template as needed.

Customizing your output

If you have information you want to include or exclude from your export, you can select which fields you want. In List View, select the gear icon to modify the fields that appear in your document.

Export template parameter

By default, extra line breaks are removed to improve the published document. This might cause consecutive tables to be combined.

To restore a template to previous export results, self-hosted customers can apply a new parameter to the report parameter field in the template.


Cloud customers must contact support for access to this setting.





Removes extra line breaks. Consecutive tables are combined.



Keeps extra line breaks. Consecutive tables are separate.


Uploading custom Velocity reports

Your system or organization admin can upload custom Velocity exports that are displayed in the Export window.