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Jama Connect User Guide

Jama Connect Interchange (JCI)

Jama Connect Interchange™ is an integration platform that seamlessly integrates Jama Connect with other best of breed tools like Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Excel.

Unlike other integration tools in the marketplace, JCI is built, supported, and continually enhanced by dedicated teams at Jama Software. This means JCI is deeply integrated with Jama Connect configurations and workflows, providing you with a smart and seamless sync while you continue to work in your tool of choice.

JCI supports both cloud-based and self-hosted instances of Jama Connect.

To access the JCI library of resources, including release notes and a dedicated user guide, visit the JCI sub-community on the Jama Software Community site. To learn about the key benefits and common use case, see the Jama Connect Interchange Datasheet and Jama Connect Interchange User Guide.

To find out whether JCI would be a good fit for your organization, contact your Customer Success Manager.