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Jama Connect User Guide

Add and manage review participants

As a moderator, you can add or remove moderators from your review.

Important considerations
  • If you remove yourself from a review, you no longer have access to that review. All added and existing moderators receive email notifications for changes to the list of moderators during the review.

  • Moderators can be added to a review regardless of their access rights to the items in the review. However, when a new revision for the review is published, it includes only items that moderators have write access to. This can have unexpected consequences for reviews sent from filters, such as missing or extra items in the new revision.

To add and manage review participants:

  1. In a review, select Add moderators.


    If you are viewing multiple reviews in the Table View, select Update moderators for this review.


    The Update Moderators window opens.

  2. Add moderators from your team (Project Team tab) or from outside your team/Jama Connect (Outside Project Team tab).

  3. To remove a moderator, select the X next to the name in the Review Moderators panel.

  4. (Optional) Add a comment about the changes you made.

  5. To finish, select Update Moderators.