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Jama Connect User Guide

Configure email notification — Invitation page

When you initiate a review, the final page of the wizard is where you review your previous selections and complete the invitation by filling in the email subject line and message fields.

You see a draft of the email that's sent to participants. It includes the total number of participants who receive the email and their roles, as well as the deadline and a link to the review.

Image shows fourth step in initiating a review. Email draft shows participants, subject, message, review role, signer role, signer meaning, review link and deadline.
  1. Enter a subject line for your email invitation. Typically, the subject line is the name of this specific review.

  2. Enter a message for the email invitation. Typically, the message is a brief explanation of what you expect from the participants.

  3. Select Initiate review to send the email to all review participants.

You receive a confirmation that your email was sent.