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Jama Connect User Guide

Modifying an "In progress" review

You might want to change the content that's included in a review, the due date, or the participants. You can also close a review so that feedback is no longer allowed.

Only a moderator or a review administrator can change a review.

You can change a review from different locations and views in Jama Connect:

  • In a review, use the Manage review drop-down menu.

  • In Reviews > Table View, use the Actions column.


    The icons in the Actions column are:

    Edit — Open the wizard where you change the deadline, invite new reviewers, or change an approver’s status (role).

    Reopen — Open a review that was closed.

    Delete — Remove a review permanently (only a review administrator can recover a deleted review).

    Update moderators  — Add to or remove moderators from your review.

    Archive  — Remove the review from the list that appears to users.