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Jama Connect User Guide

Finalize a review

When you’re satisfied that your review is complete — that all items have been reviewed and approved and that all comments have been resolved — the next step is to finalize the review. 

Important considerations
  • When you finalize the review, the review workflow tool automatically updates the status of the review items. For example, at the end of a review, a moderator can trigger the status of reviewed items to change from "In review" to "Approved." 

  • If workflow is assigned to an item type in your Approval review, the item will transition. If you don't use a template, the review is marked as finalized.

  • When you reopen a finalized review, items are transitioned to their previous review status.

To finalize a review:

  1. In the review, select Manage review > Mark review as finalized.

  2. In the window that opens, select Finalize review.

This action automatically triggers Review Status Workflow, which updates the status of the review.